In recent years, various regulations have passed in the financial and banking industry which have resulted in millions of consumers being unable to attain traditional mortgage financing, resulting in their inability to participate in homeownership.  Concurrently, the relatively new asset class, “single-family rentals,” has gained popularity among investors but there is limited capital market infrastructure to support an investors ability to position capital in these assets.

In response to these conditions, Seashine Property Services has developed REAL, the original real estate acquisition lease program. REAL is an institutional lease-to-own product that combines the positive features of a residential mortgage with aspects of single-family rentals to provide its customers a practical path to homeownership, and its investors a viable method to participate in an up-and-coming asset class.

REAL is the original real estate acquisition lease program — an easy, common-sense experience for buying, selling, and owning property.


The REAL Program is designed to support responsible households unable to obtain traditional mortgage financing. REAL does not compete with the existing mortgage industry but rather, enhances opportunities for consumers while allowing real estate brokers, agents, and home builders to serve a broader group of customers.

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